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Is your dog able to go several days without eating and begs for some of your food?

Does he not want to take the feed, pellets or kibble?

Don't you feel ready to change his diet, even though you are aware that those dry balls are not the best thing for him?

You are feeding a carnivore as if it were a chicken


The vast majority of the kibbles are made up of between 45% and 75% cereals.


Because it is much cheaper a kg of corn, wheat or rice than animal protein, that's how much the industry cares about the health of your partner.

This can cause serious health problems such as kidney failure, liver problems, gastritis, stones, obesity, allergies... shall I go on?

Not to mention the behavioral alterations and chronic dehydration your dog is subjected to on a daily basis.

Of course, this has serious consequences for him and affects your pocket. Visits to the vet are not free, are they?

But don't worry, everything has a solution in this life and you are in time to correct, with a healthy and natural diet, all those nutritional deficiencies that your dog has.

Do you want to know how you can avoid this?

By learning to feed your companion in a natural and balanced way, even if you have always fed him with industrial food because your veterinarian has always told you that feed was the best and most complete for him.

Learn all this in The FES Method online "Natural and homemade food for your dog" and in a short time you will know how to make easy, complete, fast and economical diets.


Join me and discover how I will teach you, from scratch, to feed your partner in a natural and balanced way with The FES Method online.

From my hand, you will learn which are the most suitable foods for him and the proportions
and the proportions according to their weight.

I am not going to make you dizzy with percentages of proteins, carbohydrates, fats?
but I will provide you with the necessary nutritional knowledge so that you can elaborate your own diets.

At the end of The FES Method you will be able to feed your dog "eye for eye", that is to say, without being a slave of a scale to know if you give him the right amounts of each food group.

My goal is that you learn to feed your dog the same way you feed yourself on a daily basis.


In order for you to learn how to feed your puppy (dog or kitten) correctly, with quality natural diets, from the first months of life (the most suitable types of food, quantities, proportions...), our veterinarians will contact you and you will receive personalized advice


If you have a sick puppy or cat, our veterinarians will contact you, by phone or email, to analyze the case and give you specific nutritional advice to treat its pathology

What does The FES Method contain?

1.- It consists of 21 lessons with their respective videos, transcripts and audios, as well as power point documents (if applicable) that accompany the explanations. 

2.- You will have at your disposal practical exercises and tests to reaffirm your knowledge. 

3.- Apply everything you learn with your own dog without fear. During the month and a half to two months (depending on your speed) that The FES Method lasts, you have personalized advice via email, about the treatment for your companion.

It doesn't matter if he is an adult, puppy, healthy or sick. Help for everyone!

4.- Get lifetime access to our Canine Nutrition University, where you can always refer to the content again and again.

5.- Solve all your doubts in the group tutorials that will be held periodically through the "Zoom" virtual room. There are no excuses for having doubts.

6.- To "polish details" and to make everything clear to you at the end of the training, we will have, if you wish, a video conference (recorded) of 15-20 minutes.

Why should you be part of this learning?

For your dog's health

Nutrition is a fundamental pillar of your dog's health.

You cannot compare the nutritional richness of fresh and natural food with feed. No matter how "super premium" or "high gamma" you are told it is, it will always be infinitely worse than natural food.

For your economy

The costs of feeding a dog naturally are much lower than feeding it with feed (kibble, pellets, concentrate).

Common sense

The dog, like the cat, is a carnivore and is being fed in such a synthetic and unnatural way that we have obtained weak animals, which in many cases present serious pathologies and behavioral problems.


Want to see The FES Method online... from the inside?

This training is not for everyone, it is not cheap.

It's not just for hanging out either.

It is a commitment you make to yourself and to your dog.

Why The FES Method is not for you?

If you think that artificial food is better than food based on fresh, natural foods.

If you can't or don't want to spend 5 minutes a day preparing your dog's food. It's not even 1 hour a week.

If you don't consider it cruelty to feed your best friend, day and night, for his whole life, with dry balls.

If you really want to make a commitment, don't waste any more time, click below and give your doggie back his life:

In addition, I give you the following books that perfectly complement everything you are going to learn in The FES Method:


1.- Book of "BARF diets, cooked and raw for your dog" (valued at 16 €).
It is the Bible of nutrition. Easy to read and very entertaining.


2.- Book of "Fifteen homemade and natural recipes for dogs" (valued at 16 €). Contains the fifteen most suitable recipes to give to your puppy.


3.- Book "The commercial brands that are killing your dog" (valued at 16 €). It will help you to quickly detect high and low quality commercial foods.

See how you make your dog happy every day in less than 5 minutes!

Believe me when I tell you that this is the nutrition education I would have liked to have had at university.

But, unfortunately, the chair of nutrition, in most of the veterinary schools in the world, is given by the big food brands.

That is why veterinarians only advise to feed dogs and cats, because they have been "educated" by the processed food industry.

What some of the people who have already done The FES Method think about nutrition:

Ely Guerra and Benito

"I didn't see it as normal that Benito, a 2-month-old puppy, would only eat kibble and only half a cup of that food in the morning and evening. I searched the internet and found you and your team. I loved the course and have taken it twice".

Denisse Moros, Nicole and Kalila

"I wanted to feed my girls natural food, when I suggested it, the vets told me I was crazy, that they were going to get sick... Sick? Three of them have already died! I found Carlos, it was totally worth it, my dogs are different.

Esther Pastor (Vet)

"The difference in money by cooking my dog a diet suitable for her liver disease at home is quite a big saving, at least 50%. Time to prepare her food? One minute! My dog is happy and waiting for her food".

Emiliano and Eros

"With the natural diet you prescribed, Eros is doing very well. He was a digestive patient and the diarrhoea has stopped. In our eagerness to look after him, we have spent a lot of money on feed that is not worth it, it's just not necessary".


"The saving of money by giving natural diet is 50-60%. In terms of daily food preparation time, it's 3-4 minutes, no more. The puppy is doing great, we have only taken him to the vet once for a vaccination”.

Rafa and Kara

"She was draining with bloody diarrhoea" spending thousands of dollars, on specialists who did everything except nutrition, when we gave specific diets and orthomolecular diets, the change was spectacular and only in 3 days.

Arin, my one and a half year old border collie, had always had bowel problems after going through a period with giardiasis as a puppy. The diarrhoea was much more frequent than would have been considered normal.

We tried multiple "premium" feeds and attempts to start him on natural food diets, but he never quite got back to normal. He was not gaining weight, his coat lacked lustre, and being the working dog that he is, even though he retained some of his energy, he was never at 100x100% of his potential.

After going through multiple "undocumented" vets who the only thing they did was to charge and drive my dog crazy, as well as putting him at risk more than once for totally inappropriate treatments, I spoke to Dr. Gutiérrez and after an exhaustive questionnaire, coprological tests, blood tests... he designed a feeding programme for Arin with constant revisions and completely adapted to his needs (to which he added some supplements).

After adapting this programme according to the evolution of my dog, I can say that nowadays... now 2 and a half years old, Arin is a dog that can eat absolutely everything after having recovered his intestinal flora. He is vital, active, powerful, and with an imposing physical appearance.

All thanks to Dr. Gutierrez who over time continues to show interest in Arin's evolution and is for us a pillar for any veterinary consultation or doubt that may arise. Mainly nutritional, but also as a prescriber of other disciplines.

I am a veterinarian. My dog Runa started with skin problems due to allergies from commercial food. Researching on the internet I came across Dr. Carlos Gutierrez and decided to take his courses, as a veterinarian I already knew that the change was going to be the best thing I could do for Runa, although I never imagined the scope it would have in our lives.

I started to follow her guidelines and saw immediate changes in my dog's skin and coat. The food is extremely easy to make and the benefits are earth shattering.

The changes and benefits I saw were so evident that they prompted me to take other courses with Carlos to train and practice as a veterinary nutritionist. His courses changed my life completely!

Thank you Carlos for undertaking this great work of spreading knowledge that is so distorted by the food industry and so vital for our pets.

And now, tell me:

What would it mean for you and your dog if you could access the FES Method?

I can feel your answer.

Real value of FES Method: 1450€

21 lessons

Lessons with videos, audios, transcripts and power points

600 €

Permanent access

Permanent access to contents

200 €

Online consultancy

Personalized advice (via email) during the training period

200 €


BARF, cooked and raw diets for your dog

15,97 €


“Fifteen homemade and natural recipes for dogs

15,97 €


“The commercial brands that are killing your dog

15,97 €

Bonus One

"Master class, homeopathic medicine kit and basic Bach flowers for dogs and cats". By Cristina Delgado.

97 €

Bonus Two

Course "Teach him to go loose and always come to your call. By Manuel Balibrea.

97 €

Bonus Three

Course: "Basic guide for communication with animals". By Clara Martín.

97 €

I don't want to keep your money. If that's what you're worried about, I have something to tell you:

Buy The FES Method online "Natural and homemade food for your dog"... risk free.

Try it for 15 days and if you are not convinced or it does not meet your expectations, I offer you my 100% money back guarantee. 

Send an email a info@nutritionistfordogs.com and I will refund you the full amount of money you have invested.

Do you have any doubt?

I know that before you invest in a training you ask yourself many questions (FAQ).

Here are the ones I get asked most often::

Am I really going to learn how to make natural diets for my dog? 

Not only that, but when you finish, you will have enough nutritional knowledge to put together different diets with the right types of foods, proportions and nutrients.

Is this training also for puppies?

Yes, you will receive personalized puppy-specific counseling for the duration of the training.

My dog is sick, can I take this training?

Sick dogs are treated on an EMERGENCY basis, you will receive diets, orthomolecular nutrients and specific advice for the disease your dog is suffering from in the first 24 - 48 hours.

Are you going to teach me how to give him bones?

Of course, bones are very important (not indispensable) in the diet of a dog or cat. I will show you how to give them and how often.

Does this training work for cats?

Of course. Dogs and cats basically eat the same, the only difference between them is behavioral. I will teach you, through a personalized advice and during the time of the training, how to feed a cat.

Will I always be able to access the content?

Yes, you will have lifetime access to our Canine Nutrition University, so you can refer to the content again and again.

Is any certification provided at the end of the training?

Yes, we will send you a certificate upon request.

I want to start a business to manufacture and sell natural food, can I take this training?

Of course. In fact, I would say that it is necessary, because you will learn the basics of nutrition and prepare high quality natural diets, which you will be able to sell at a good price.


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We give you 100% money back. No questions asked.

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