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Ely Guerra and Benito

"I didn't see it as normal that Benito, a 2-month-old puppy, would only eat kibble and only half a cup of that food in the morning and evening. I searched the internet and found you and your team. I loved the course and have taken it twice".

Denisse Moros, Nicole and Kalila

"I wanted to feed my girls natural food, when I suggested it, the vets told me I was crazy, that they were going to get sick... Sick? Three of them have already died! I found Carlos, it was totally worth it, my dogs are different.

Esther Pastor (Vet)

"The difference in money by cooking my dog a diet suitable for her liver disease at home is quite a big saving, at least 50%. Time to prepare her food? One minute! My dog is happy and waiting for her food".

Emiliano and Eros

"With the natural diet you prescribed, Eros is doing very well. He was a digestive patient and the diarrhoea has stopped. In our eagerness to look after him, we have spent a lot of money on feed that is not worth it, it's just not necessary".


"The saving of money by giving natural diet is 50-60%. In terms of daily food preparation time, it's 3-4 minutes, no more. The puppy is doing great, we have only taken him to the vet once for a vaccination”.

Rafa and Kara

"She was draining with bloody diarrhoea" spending thousands of dollars, on specialists who did everything except nutrition, when we gave specific diets and orthomolecular diets, the change was spectacular and only in 3 days.

Blanca and Goya

"I did what the vets tell you to do, give a good brand of feed, he started with gastric problems which ended in pancreatitis and he almost died. I found you on the internet. Investing in the course has saved me a lot of trouble, it's been very helpful." Translation coming soon.

Liz and Pau

"Pau had osteosarcoma in his paw and it had to be amputated. He underwent chemo and coped very well with it, thanks to the protocol and the natural diet you prescribed me. The changes were very noticeable and no more than 3 chemo sessions were necessary". Translation coming soon. 

Giulia Mander (Vet)

"I found the course on the internet and I loved it because of the simplicity with which you can make a diet for a dog or cat. I suspected that what I was taught at university about dog nutrition was not the healthiest thing to do, it was just food". Translation coming soon.

Pilar and Anuk

"Anuk has dropped from 14 and a half kilos to 10 kilos (30%). The course has opened my eyes, it has given me security and peace of mind, apart from the tips you give: how to combine foods, the difference between protein and viscera, now I know what I do". Translation coming soon.

Rossana and Carlitos

"Carlitos is a dog that has had two operations for oxalate stones. His vet told me to feed him only food. I didn't agree so I came to you for a diet. It has been a great success. There is no trace of oxalate now." Translation coming soon.

Jimena, Luna, Laila and Max

"The FES Method has been an investment. What a sack of food cost me for one of my dogs is what I now spend on food for all three of them. After giving them a natural diet they have rejuvenated, especially Luna, who has hypothyroidism". Translation coming soon.

Luisa and Uku

"Feeding my puppy natural food has been super easy. He has grown without any problems and has a significant musculature. Compared to his siblings he is much bigger and better developed." Translation coming soon.

Rafa, Kara and Rocco

"I have two Bullmastiffs. I spend about 40 minutes on Sundays making their food and portioning it out. The quality of the food they get is top notch, I know 100% that they are well fed. I save 30 to 40% money with the natural diet." Translation coming soon. 

Elisa Gómez y Hubsche

"All the vets told me to just give him kibble, because it gives him all the nutrients he needs and at the same time fights overweight, so how come he is anaemic and overweight at the same time?" Translation coming soon. 

Daniela (Vet)

"It takes me about an hour a week to prepare my dog's food. I used to worry a lot about portions, now I know how much food to give him per day and I do it on an eye-for-an-eye basis. I've saved a lot of money compared to feed. Translation coming soon.


"I have 3 large dogs and it takes me no more than 5-6 minutes to prepare their food portions. I have saved 45% money with the natural diet. In half a year I have recouped the investment of the course. My dogs' spirits have changed. Translation coming soon.

Esther (Vet)

"My dog has suffered several episodes of hepatitis and I adapt the diet to her illness. It has saved me money compared to a "medium-high" range feed and I show this to my clients in the clinic". Translation coming soon.

Othone Medina and Max

"Max was a dog with blindness, cancer and kidney disease. With the specific diet you gave us, plus the supplements, the change was very noticeable: Max's coat shone, creatinine and urea went down, his mood improved a lot, he is now radiant". Translation coming soon.


"The savings I have with the natural diet compared to feed is 50% if not more. It takes me no more than 5 minutes to prepare my dog's food. Her attitude has totally changed. Before she didn't want to eat feed and now she follows me into the kitchen." Translation coming soon.

Rafa and Kara

"She was draining with bloody diarrhoea" spending thousands of dollars, on specialists who did everything except nutrition, when we gave specific diets and orthomolecular diets, the change was spectacular and only in 3 days.

Guille, Argos and Molly

"Argos has lost weight. He is very happy, because he has more energy, he is more willing to walk. You also helped me with Molly and her liver problem and she came through. Now she is completely healthy. Translation coming soon.

Inma and Bubble

"My dog would ask me for it. He would look at his food bowl and sit down and there was no way, he wouldn't eat anything. I started looking on the internet for doctors who were experts in nutrition and I think I found the best one. The change is total, everyone tells me so". Translation coming soon.


"I have an 11 month old puppy and since I have been giving him the diet with fresh food that I have learnt in the course he is very healthy, he doesn't get tired. I found the course very easy to understand and to apply". Translation coming soon.

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