Testimonials from my patients, well, their owners

Arin, my one and a half year old border collie, had always had bowel problems after going through a period with giardiasis as a puppy. The diarrhoea was much more frequent than would have been considered normal.

We tried multiple "premium" feeds and attempts to start him on natural food diets, but he never quite got back to normal. He was not gaining weight, his coat lacked lustre, and being the working dog that he is, even though he retained some of his energy, he was never at 100x100% of his potential.

After going through multiple "undocumented" vets who the only thing they did was to charge and drive my dog crazy, as well as putting him at risk more than once for totally inappropriate treatments, I spoke to Dr. Gutiérrez and after an exhaustive questionnaire, coprological tests, blood tests... he designed a feeding programme for Arin with constant revisions and completely adapted to his needs (to which he added some supplements).

After adapting this programme according to the evolution of my dog, I can say that nowadays... now 2 and a half years old, Arin is a dog that can eat absolutely everything after having recovered his intestinal flora. He is vital, active, powerful, and with an imposing physical appearance.

All thanks to Dr. Gutierrez who over time continues to show interest in Arin's evolution and is for us a pillar for any veterinary consultation or doubt that may arise. Mainly nutritional, but also as a prescriber of other disciplines.

I am a veterinarian. My dog Runa started with skin problems due to allergies from commercial food. Researching on the internet I came across Dr. Carlos Gutierrez and decided to take his courses, as a veterinarian I already knew that the change was going to be the best thing I could do for Runa, although I never imagined the scope it would have in our lives.

I started to follow her guidelines and saw immediate changes in my dog's skin and coat. The food is extremely easy to make and the benefits are earth shattering.

The changes and benefits I saw were so evident that they prompted me to take other courses with Carlos to train and practice as a veterinary nutritionist. His courses changed my life completely!

Thank you Carlos for undertaking this great work of spreading knowledge that is so distorted by the food industry and so vital for our pets.

I've been following Carlos' blog for a long time, in fact, the natural diet we give Zar is based on your advice, and it works wonders for us. But a month ago, Zar gave us a big scare when he suddenly fainted in the middle of the street. He was diagnosed with a heart condition, although I knew and sensed that something digestive was also to blame.

I contacted Carlos through his website, told him what had happened and my doubts (pressure, fear and anxiety) about the possible digestive problem. Not only did he answer me in less than 12 hours, something important for me in this case, but he also asked me for all the documentation from the hospital, the medication that Zar had been prescribed and his current diet.

She warned me about the type and amount of medication that Zar had been prescribed, but respecting my vet's opinion not to interfere, she made a soft diet for the current state and the commitment to make a personalised diet when the situation stabilised, something we are going to do soon now that Zar has stopped the diarrhoea and fainting.

Thanks to your direct, quick and close advice, Zar is taking the right medication, he is back to being the dog he was and I sincerely believe without fear of being wrong that you have prolonged his life.

Thank you Carlos, as well as being a colleague, you are a professional as the top of a pine tree and you know that I will recommend you.

I took the course because, as a veterinarian and concerned about nutrition, I wanted to know how Carlos approached it. I had an intuition that processed food should not be very healthy.

Every day he was confirming this to me with the articles that he regularly sent to my e-mail. However, it wasn't until I took his advice and did his course that I understood the magnitude of the problem, but above all, the simple solution!

The information he provides changes the way you look at canine and feline nutrition, as long as you are receptive. And for me, it has done just that.

Thank you very much, Carlos.

Rocío Reynoso,
México D.F.

We have always had problems with kibble and overweight in our dog. She didn't want to eat them and we mixed them with natural food. Tofi was healthy.

When we found a brand that she did eat, the problem was worse as her liver malfunctioned and she gained more weight.

We could not find a Dr. who was willing to give us a natural diet and treatment for her liver.

But searching on the net, we found Dr. Carlos Alberto and following his general and nutritional advice, last Thursday, after 2 months, the blood chemical analysis showed normal values for my dog.

We will continue to work together, as she is not yet at the ideal weight, but we are confident that we are on the right track with a healthy and happy dog. Thank you very much Dr. Gutierrez.

My dog Zipi, he ate diet food because he was fat, but he didn't lose a gram of weight. Then they found out that he was diabetic and they couldn't get his sugar to drop below 300. I was having a terrible time, he is only 5 years old. The sugar was beginning to affect his eyesight.

In desperation I searched the internet and fortunately I found Dr. Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez.

I have to thank him that, thanks to the diets, general indications, orthomolecular nutrients (vitamins) that the doctor has indicated to me, my Zipi has lost a lot, a lot, from 20 to 16 kg! 20%.

All this after little more than a month on the diet, and the most important thing is that his sugar is already at 150, he still has to lose more and lose kilos, but in one month he has lost more than in 4 months with those special "pellets" for diabetics, very expensive compared to natural food and not to mention the quality, and Zipi is delighted to eat natural and not dry balls. What a great deception!

I am very happy and my Zipi, just look at him, he looks like a different, active and happy in his weight. .... I have no words, thank you very much Dr. Gutiérrez, from the bottom of my heart. I really recommend him to you.

Alejandra Hernalz,

I have a little dog, Clarita, breed JD (just dog), who, on the advice of the vet, was fed a balanced diet (Bolitas, as Dr. Gutiérrez says). Over time I noticed that her belly was swelling, she was gaining weight very quickly, she was drinking a lot of liquids and what bothered me the most was that she became very agitated when she played with the ball.

I told his doctor and the answer was that the food had nothing to do with these symptoms. After several consultations, I decided to search the internet for new options, and it was there that I discovered Doctor Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez. When I learned about his trajectory, without hesitation, I began to take his course and give her natural food. In a few months the dog had a significant improvement, the swelling disappeared, she lost weight, drank the normal amount of water and no longer became agitated.

This confirms how harmful industrialised food, so recommended by most vets, is.

Finally, I must acknowledge the courage and professional honesty of Dr. Gutiérrez, who stood up to all the corporations, in defence of our animals. My eternal thanks!

A big hug and a big wow from Clarita.


I have a 14 year old Yorkshire dog, Noa. I have always "fed" her food but she was reluctant to eat it. I had to force feed her thinking that it was feeding her. It was like that all her life, but one day Noa started to get old:

Her heart, her liver, it was hard for her to breathe... My vet, after many tests, diagnosed her with "Cushing's syndrome" and the age! He gave me a medication and until God willed it.

I didn't know what to do, Noa was getting fat and I knew it wasn't good for her. But then I was lucky enough to find a website that changed my life. I got interested and started reading... Then I understood why my dog didn't want to eat the food.  I took Dr. Gutierrez's course, and I was delighted.

As Noa had the problems I described above, I asked Dr. Gutiérrez for advice on a special diet for her, and after studying her case a lot, "We have hit the nail on the head".

Now she eats a healthy food, with her orthomolecular nutrients and even the vet tells me that she looks better! Everyone sees her better! She has lost 500 grams, 15%! which is a lot for her, she is very happy.  She already wants to go out in the street and for me it is a real happiness because with the activity she gives off, everyone tells me that she doesn't look 14 years old!

Thank you very much Carlos for teaching us that a dog DOES NOT EAT FOOD but healthy food because what we are looking for is the best for them.

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