The nutrition of the digestive patient


From the mouth to the rectum and anus

It is very illogical in problems of the digestive system not to give a
to give a nutrition based on fresh and natural foods

Benefits digestive diets

We will give you specific diets that from the beginning will improve your allergy and/or intolerance problems.

The absorption and digestibility of fresh and natural foods is a thousand times greater than dry, highly industrialized balls that do not spoil.

You will save a lot, natural diets are much cheaper and a thousand times healthier.

You will give him vitamins and specific supplements that will protect, nourish and reduce inflammation in his digestive system.

The diets can be prepared in 5 minutes

He will start gaining weight due to the high quality of fresh and natural food, not dry and tasteless pellets.

By feeding dry pellets with 10% moisture you are subjecting him to daily dehydration. Fresh food, which is what they eat, does not cause this, it is 80% water.

What nutritionist would send a digestive patient a diet based on dry pellets and highly industrialized foods?

Some of the pathologies of the digestive system where nutrition is key:

Itching (food allergy)
Dermatitis (food allergy or intolerance)
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
Perianal fistulas
Eosinophilic gastroenteritis
Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis
Perianal hernias
Infectious - immunosuppressive
Parvovirus, coronavirus...
Weight (Loss or little gain)
Cramping or bowel sounds
Blood in the stool (Hematochezia or melena)
Malabsorption syndrome
Bacterial overgrowth

There is a high failure rate when these patients are fed commercial food (feed, kibble, pellets...).

Why? They are foods with 10% water when the organism requires foods with 80% water, to manufacture these foods you must first flour the raw materials and then submit them to very traumatic processes to get the food pellets, in this way a thousand nutrients are lost.

The fresh, natural and own food to counteract the disease have an infinitely superior quality, a matter of applying a little common sense!

These foods almost always have particles of other foods because the factories where they are produced manufacture several different foods, so it is not uncommon to find highly allergenic particles, such as gluten, which trigger reactions in the digestive system (diarrhea) and skin (itching, hair with poor shine ...) and other respiratory problems.

It is also not uncommon for food to have "cross-contamination", I explain, as in these factories huge tons of food are produced there are always food particles of product A, and when they begin to manufacture food B this can be contaminated with ingredients of food A, for example: rabbit.

Microscopic amounts of food A in food B (rabbit) can be enough to trigger an allergy in your friend.
Is allergic the same as intolerant?

No. I don't want to confuse you, I write it this way because I put both patients in the same treatment group although each one has its own characteristics. Let me give you an example. Let's suppose that you give your dog sardines and immediately he starts vomiting or with diarrhea, you repeat and the same thing happens and so on and so forth. That is food intolerance. 

And what is a food allergy? You give sardine to your dog and he doesn't vomit or have diarrhea but he starts with a tremendous itching in his paws, chest and/or ears, then your dog is allergic, do you understand the difference? Here I will use the terms interchangeably but I want you to be clear about the difference.

How does allergy manifest itself in dogs? The most common manifestations are dermatological and digestive system manifestations (gastritis/lymphoplasmacytic cholitis, erosive).

Dermatological manifestations.

An example, I have cases of food allergies that manifest dermatologically, a lot of itching, dandruff, inflammation.... If you do things right nutritionally there is a 70 to 99% improvement. They go from scratching 3 hours a day to scratching only 10-20 minutes.

I have many patients like that. We can solve it, generally speaking, within one to two or three months. You must understand that allergy cases almost never resolve 100% but the improvement is substantial.

With a good homemade diet they go from scratching for hours to minutes.

Look at the photos of this case, Luna. It is a food allergy that manifests dermatologically. Look at the change in her skin.

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Despues-Caspa 600


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Dieta Alergia Alimentaria perro

Digestive manifestations.

The other common manifestation is through the digestive system: diarrhea and/or vomiting (even with blood), mostly. Graphically (photos) it is very difficult to see this, but improvement can be seen through weight gain. This patient was in the bones because of a lot of diarrhea and vomiting, and 2 months after adequate hypoallergenic home-made diets he gained many kilos.

This protocol includes patients: with gastritis, lymphoplasmacytic enteritis, IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease), lymphoplasmacytic colitis...

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Después de

Why one, two or three months of treatment?

Unlike other patients (renal, hepatic, cardiac...) food intolerant patients require a more personalized treatment. For the former, I almost always send them model diets and, with honourable exceptions, I have to modify the diet.

With food intolerants this is not the case, each one is allergic to different foods, therefore they require more time, first to detect possible allergic foods and then, based on this information, to make "trial, observation and modification" diets.

Food intolerants need a personalized diet because each patient responds (allergy) to specific foods for their case.

A diet is given, we see how it reacts, for better or worse, and then we make the necessary modifications to improve the diet and try to achieve the most balanced nutrition possible, within the possibilities offered by the patient.

During this process I give advice, telling mistakes and successes, and after a few weeks to months one becomes an "expert" in the nutrition of his friend and learns which foods to give and which to avoid, thus achieving a, if not excellent, very good quality of life.

The diets would be made by you and the orthomolecular nutrients, if we had to give, you buy them in any herbalist's shop. It will be cheaper than the hypoallergenic commercial prescription foods (expensive!), which are not even eaten and are not as good as the diets I am going to teach you to prepare. What human nutritionist (nutritionist) would dare to send a sick patient a diet based only on a processed food? none.

Do you think it can be healthier to eat one of those bag diets that does not spoil than a homemade diet made with fresh ingredients for your kidney? Never. Besides it will be much cheaper and easier to prepare. You can make it for several days. With a little skill and being practical, in one hour you can make food for 15 days.

How we will work:

Checkmarklista If you have not already done so, you will have to fill in a questionnaire to open a file for your dog.

Checkmarklista Zoom meeting (optional) to clarify any doubts, before or during the consultation.

Checkmarklista Study of the case and presumptive diagnosis of possible allergic foods as well as hypoallergenic foods.

Checkmarklista Based on the above, elaboration of a personalized diet.

Checkmarklista The necessary documents to illustrate and make the instructions more understandable.

Checkmarklista Response within 24 to 48 hours to any doubt that may arise regarding the patient's nutrition.

Checkmarklista General recommendations.

Checkmarklista The counseling is valid for 30 days from the beginning (payment) and is renewable with each payment.

Checkmarklista I always ask for 48 to 72 days, but in the case of sick dog I see them within 24 hours after the deposit.

Ely Guerra and Benito

"I didn't see it as normal that Benito, a 2-month-old puppy, would only eat kibble and only half a cup of that food in the morning and evening. I searched the internet and found you and your team. I loved the course and have taken it twice".

Denisse Moros, Nicole and Kalila

"I wanted to feed my girls natural food, when I suggested it, the vets told me I was crazy, that they were going to get sick... Sick? Three of them have already died! I found Carlos, it was totally worth it, my dogs are different.

Esther Pastor (Vet)

"The difference in money by cooking my dog a diet suitable for her liver disease at home is quite a big saving, at least 50%. Time to prepare her food? One minute! My dog is happy and waiting for her food".

Emiliano and Eros

"With the natural diet you prescribed, Eros is doing very well. He was a digestive patient and the diarrhoea has stopped. In our eagerness to look after him, we have spent a lot of money on feed that is not worth it, it's just not necessary".


"The saving of money by giving natural diet is 50-60%. In terms of daily food preparation time, it's 3-4 minutes, no more. The puppy is doing great, we have only taken him to the vet once for a vaccination”.

Rafa and Kara

"She was draining with bloody diarrhoea" spending thousands of dollars, on specialists who did everything except nutrition, when we gave specific diets and orthomolecular diets, the change was spectacular and only in 3 days.

Let's make the best diet for your dog


Checkmarklista Specific diets for this type of patients

Checkmarklista Orthomolecular nutrients for involved organs

Checkmarklista  List of allowed and forbidden foods

I want my dog to recover


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