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Dr. Gutiérrez takes you by the hand in a clear and practical way.


  • Does it teach you how to make Cooked and Raw Diets?

Now it is fashionable to eat RAW, but it is NOT always the healthiest, Dr. Dr. teaches you how to make raw and cooked diets, the pros and cons of each one, you will learn and choose.

  • What are the best brands of pellets?

There are 1000 brands and 95% (or more) bad. Don't waste your time comparing, you'll drive yourself crazy! He tells you the best ones based on his experience.

  • Which pellets do you recommend as an expert?

Trust him, he DOES NOT REPRESENT ANY COMPANY, he DOES NOT sell pellets, he is neither a salesman nor an employee of any brand.

  • How do I keep it fit and healthy through food?

You will see how easy it is to keep a dog super healthy, at its weight and less likely to get sick and visit the Vet if you give it luxury nutrition.

  • How much of a homemade diet should I give my dog?

Forget it, it's not that way, it's much easier, and we can assure you that with a little practice you won't even weigh, you will know the amount you are giving without any concern.

  • What % of meaty bones do you include in your diet?

On the internet they say (without any Veterinary Expert in Canine Nutrition to back it up) that 60% of the total daily diet, and there we have people making such an outrageous mistake! Dangerous mistake! Don't do it!

  • Can you give some recipes for healthy dogs?

What's better than making a dish for you and your dog! Dr. Gutierrez teaches you a delicious one for both. There are recipes so easy that in 2-3 minutes you have them cooked.

  • How do you feed your dog for several days? Tell me a menu

The Dr. takes you by the hand day by day for almost a month to see real examples that he practiced with his dogs, easy, economical, fast and intuitive, including the pellets, which they eat with joy.

  • Can you teach me how to make homemade vitamins?

In the market what is available is expensive and of poor quality. It teaches you. You make them in 30 minutes and they last many months. You will see very quickly how silky their coat is, their vigor, their general well being... of course, as long as you give quality pellets and homemade diets.



100% useful information for the best nutrition for your friend.

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Ely Guerra and Benito

"I didn't see it as normal that Benito, a 2-month-old puppy, would only eat kibble and only half a cup of that food in the morning and evening. I searched the internet and found you and your team. I loved the course and have taken it twice".

Denisse Moros, Nicole and Kalila

"I wanted to feed my girls natural food, when I suggested it, the vets told me I was crazy, that they were going to get sick... Sick? Three of them have already died! I found Carlos, it was totally worth it, my dogs are different.

Esther Pastor (Vet)

"The difference in money by cooking my dog a diet suitable for her liver disease at home is quite a big saving, at least 50%. Time to prepare her food? One minute! My dog is happy and waiting for her food".

Emiliano and Eros

"With the natural diet you prescribed, Eros is doing very well. He was a digestive patient and the diarrhoea has stopped. In our eagerness to look after him, we have spent a lot of money on feed that is not worth it, it's just not necessary".


"The saving of money by giving natural diet is 50-60%. In terms of daily food preparation time, it's 3-4 minutes, no more. The puppy is doing great, we have only taken him to the vet once for a vaccination”.

Rafa and Kara

"She was draining with bloody diarrhoea" spending thousands of dollars, on specialists who did everything except nutrition, when we gave specific diets and orthomolecular diets, the change was spectacular and only in 3 days.

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