The nutrition of the patient with orthopedic problems

arthrosis, dysplasia...

or overweight

Nutrition is key in this type of patients. With natural, quality diets, supplements and adequate exercise, these patients lose weight, strengthens muscles and this is total relief for their skeletal system.

Benefits of this type of diet (obesity, joints...)

Your dog will start eating right away because they are fresh, natural food with 80% humidity, not dry and tasteless balls.

This type of patients, with overweight or skeletal muscle problems, the lighter the better. It is very difficult to lose weight with diets full of cereals and 10% water. Natural diets have 80% water and nutrients of the highest quality.

You will save a lot, natural diets are much cheaper and a thousand times healthier.

We will indicate vitamins and specific supplements to burn fat, gain muscle, protect joints...

The diets can be prepared in 5 minutes

What nutritionist would send a patient with obesity or skeletal muscle problems a diet based on dry balls and highly industrialized foods?


How we will work:

Checkmarklista If you have not already done so, you will have to fill in a questionnaire to open a file for your dog.

Checkmarklista Zoom meeting (optional) to clarify any doubts, before or during the consultation.

Checkmarklista Study of the case and presumptive diagnosis of possible allergic foods as well as hypoallergenic foods.

Checkmarklista Based on the above, elaboration of a personalized diet.

Checkmarklista The necessary documents to illustrate and make the instructions more understandable.

Checkmarklista Response within 24 to 48 hours to any doubt that may arise regarding the patient's nutrition.

Checkmarklista General recommendations.

Checkmarklista The counseling is valid for 30 days from the beginning (payment) and is renewable with each payment.

Checkmarklista I always ask for 48 to 72 days, but in the case of sick dogs I see them within 24 hours after the deposit.

Ely Guerra and Benito

"I didn't see it as normal that Benito, a 2-month-old puppy, would only eat kibble and only half a cup of that food in the morning and evening. I searched the internet and found you and your team. I loved the course and have taken it twice".

Denisse Moros, Nicole and Kalila

"I wanted to feed my girls natural food, when I suggested it, the vets told me I was crazy, that they were going to get sick... Sick? Three of them have already died! I found Carlos, it was totally worth it, my dogs are different.

Esther Pastor (Vet)

"The difference in money by cooking my dog a diet suitable for her liver disease at home is quite a big saving, at least 50%. Time to prepare her food? One minute! My dog is happy and waiting for her food".

Emiliano and Eros

"With the natural diet you prescribed, Eros is doing very well. He was a digestive patient and the diarrhoea has stopped. In our eagerness to look after him, we have spent a lot of money on feed that is not worth it, it's just not necessary".


"The saving of money by giving natural diet is 50-60%. In terms of daily food preparation time, it's 3-4 minutes, no more. The puppy is doing great, we have only taken him to the vet once for a vaccination”.

Rafa and Kara

"She was draining with bloody diarrhoea" spending thousands of dollars, on specialists who did everything except nutrition, when we gave specific diets and orthomolecular diets, the change was spectacular and only in 3 days.

Let's make the best diet for your dog


Checkmarklista Specific diets for this type of patients

Checkmarklista Orthomolecular nutrients for involved organs

Checkmarklista  List of allowed and forbidden foods


I want my dog to recover

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