Puppy food and food for puppies. Key tips

One question I am always asked about puppy food is: What can you feed a 1 or 2 month old puppy?

I want to give you some key tips on puppy dog food and feeding.

I am going to emphasize something before starting with the feeding for puppies of 1 or 2 months of age.
In December it is very common to acquire a puppy as a gift, which after six months becomes a curse and, if you are lucky, ends up in a kennel, although most of them are abandoned, it is a very sad thing and I hope you think about it.

If you have already acquired him, you had better invest 12 months in his education (consult an expert in canine behavior), which will not take more than 20 – 30 minutes, 1-2 days a week and I can assure you that you will have an excellent friend for the next 10 – 15 years.

And another thing to think about, is that puppy should be walked for a MINIMUM of 10 – 20 minutes, 3 TIMES A DAY, FOR 7 DAYS FOR THE NEXT 10 – 15 years.

Another very important and basic point is the feeding, the food, of the puppy dog. Here are some basic tips for a correct feeding.

Weaning and feeding for 20-day-old puppies

A puppy should never be taken away from its mother before 45 days of age, in order to reach a correct emotional development.

At 17 – 18 days of age, maximum 20 days, it is convenient to start giving the puppies homemade food in the form of mush, because the teeth begin to look like small needles, which causes much pain to the mother when they suckle, that does not mean that we remove them from her, but we must replace the main source of food in the following days, that is, from day 20 (approximately) the mush (puppy food either commercial or homemade food) will be the staple food and breast milk only a supplement.

Puppy food for weaning – What to feed a puppy 1 month old or younger?

Regarding weaning and the introduction of food. The puppy food should be a soft mass (well boiled chicken, with skin included)* once this is done, when the puppies ask for food (if there are several of them we will need help) it is convenient to take a little porridge with the fingers and bring it closer to the mouth without putting it in, because we can cause them to choke if the food goes to the trachea, it is better that they start to swallow. Just put it in the mouth. It is convenient to have several small and low dishes prepared with the food; the best is one dish for one or two puppies, not more.

*When I say chicken, I mean chicken meat (never viscera, liver, heart, tripe, giblets, etc.).

You’ll never have a healthy puppy if you feed it with feed or kibble.

This is something that should be very clear to you. If you think you are going to have a healthy dog by giving it pellets (commercial food) no matter how good it is, forget it! They have seen your silly face with their spectacular marketing.

Answer me something: if you took your baby to the pediatrician and he/she told you “Give him/her only this processed food that contains everything your child needs and don’t give him/her anything else besides water”. Would you listen to that pediatrician? Of course you wouldn’t.

If you want a healthy puppy you MUST FEED IT WITH food, puppy food, that is, fresh, natural food. Do you know of any animal in the wild that is fed dry, highly industrialized pellets? Please! Use logic.

If the pellets were so healthy, why don’t they feed us humans something similar? Because that is very unhealthy, they lose 1000 nutrients, enzymes, bacteria and other beneficial elements for the health of your dog during its manufacture.

Difficult to make homemade diets, time-consuming? False! Read on.

Key video on puppy food

Amount of nutrients in puppy food

Puppy food should be high in protein and fat. You must get it into your head that your dog is a carnivore, like a lion, hyena, wolf… you will learn it, and you will be convinced the more you read or take my online puppy food course.

Food education

For food education and then not to suffer it is convenient to feed, when it is a puppy, three to four times a day. The food is left for a period of 10 to 15 minutes, if it is not consumed, it is removed until the next meal.

Fat or thin

This is a common problem, we want to see our puppy chubby because we associate it with health, however, puppy bones are like growing rods, very flimsy and overweight can affect them.

I always try, in consultation, to keep them slightly underweight, just slightly. Once they reach maturity then there is time and bones to develop muscle mass and reach higher weights, avoiding obesity.

Do you really love your puppy?

Would you be able to feed a loved one on a single commercial food and nothing else? No one, I swear no one, in their right mind would.

Are you willing to feed your puppy healthy?

I highly recommend you to take my online or in-person course, sign up for the newsletter and you will see week by week the best way to give her REAL food and feed her.

You will learn to choose quality pellets for his food (but only as a supplement), but, above all, you will learn to give him homemade food and diets for a puppy, not dry pellet miseries.

Do you want a quality dehydrated puppy food?

Dehydrated does not mean pellets, kibble, feed, concentrate, etc…. No! Dehydrated food is real food that has only been dehydrated, you can see there pieces of meat, chicken, fish, apples… dehydrated. If you put it in your mouth you will see how your saliva starts to hydrate it and abracadabra! You have a piece of apple in your mouth, well, less hydrated, but still an apple, or fish, or chicken, or pear, carrot…

What should you look for in a quality commercial food for your puppy?

We are NOT against your puppy eating kibble or dehydrated food, but KIBBLE CANNOT BE THE BASIC FOOD FOR YOUR DOG OR CAT, that is cruelty and bad nutrition. Just read our blog and you will realize this.

However, it is good for your puppy or kitten to eat AS A SUPPLEMENT to a good commercial food, here are some commercial foods that we consider quality, their pros and cons. Quality commercial dog food.

We can also give you information on quality and cheap dog vitamins.

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