Personalized homemade diets for healthy and sick dogs

Personalized diets

How do we work on personalized menus for your friend?

  • We carry out a questionnaire to determine the nutritional profile of your friend as well as their state of health.
  • We determine their calorie requirements based on their calorie expenditure, age, physiological state...
  • We look at the most convenient and affordable food sources.
  • We recommend, if necessary, specific orthomolecular nutrients.
  • We make you five different menus. Raw diets (BARF) or cooked, whatever you decide, we tell you the pros and cons of each one.
  • You receive a 20-minute personalized telephone consultation ( by Skype or Zoom) to clear up any doubts and fine tune the last details.
  • We give you several tips to achieve the best nutrition with your friend.



1 dog

(5 personalized menus): 500 euros.

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Do you have any questions? Write to me at: ayuda@nutritionistfordogs.com



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