Why do you feed your dog like a chicken?

I don’t know if you’re aware, but your dog is a carnivore.

Have you noticed its teeth and molars? They are all sharp and shaped like scissors, and that’s because your dog is a carnivore, a hunter. It catches and grips its prey with its fangs and then apart the meat, crushes bones with its molars, and barely chews before swallowing.

Why does your dog swallow its food so quickly?

Because its behavior is deeply rooted in thousands of years of evolution, carrying a genetic trace of pack hunting. If a dog were to leisurely chew its food, it wouldn’t get much to eat. They had to tear off chunks, swiftly crushing and swallowing before their packmates consumed the prey entirely, considering the possibility of the next meal being days away.

Do you think wild dogs or wolves eat rice, corn, wheat and other cereals or grains as if they were chickens or cows? I’m not against your dog eating rice, pasta, and other carbohydrate-rich foods, but you must understand that those cannot be the mainstay of their diet. My dogs and most of my healthy patients consume these types of foods OCCASIONALLY and never as the primary diet.

I remind you that the physiology of your dog, whether it’s a Mastiff or a Chihuahua, is that of a wolf.

So, why do most commercial foods that come in fancy and eye-catching packaging, labeled as “high-end,” contain cereals (grains)?

For economic reasons, a kilo of rice is much cheaper than a kilo of meat, thus a larger profit can be made. That profit is then invested in spectacular advertising and marketing to make the consumer believe they are feeding their dog the best.

Are there quality commercial foods available? Yes.

Fortunately, there are grain-free commercial foods, but they are not well-known because their profit margins are lower, and they cannot afford massive advertising campaigns like the others.

Am I against your dog eating processed foods (kibble, balanced diets, pellets, or whatever you want to call them)? NOT AT ALL.

I believe that a dog should eat kibble, but with two conditions:

1. Your dog should only eat kibble as a SUPPLEMENT.

2. Your dog should eat high-quality kibble, meaning without cereals.

In my courses, whether online or in-person, my main mission is to teach people to feed their dogs according to what they are: carnivores. I want as many people as possible, if they love their dogs, to not just give them kibble and nothing but kibble.

I want your dog to eat in a dignified manner, for its mealtime to become a pleasure rather than the torment and agony of always seeing only kibble in its bowl, day in, day out, 365 days a year.

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Best wishes.

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